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Subject: The next two weeks of activities

Members of the ebXML Transport and Packaging team just spent three days in
Dallas. Ten people attended. We have firmed up the "packaging" draft and the
demo/prototype looks really nice. Nick K. will be leading the prototype. He
will be sending out the specifics to the list in the next few days.

We have made progress on the "header" draft but it still needs further
review from the lists.

On next week's conference call I want to discuss these three areas and get a
"sense of the group" if they are "approvable" for release as "strawman"
drafts for review by the larger ebxml group. this will require your review
of these by next Thursday. If we believe anyone of these are "approvable"
next week we will take a formal vote on the conference call. If not we will
identify the issues that must be changed in each strawman and vote a week
later for release of the documents.

The demo will be complete by may 10, 2000. if you wish to participate in the
demo please contact Nick K. I expect, depending what part you do, that it is
a two to three week person week effort.  We will show it in Brussels to our
team and to the ebxml community..... i hope the press is there also so that
we may receive positive press.

Best regards, Rik

Rik Drummond           /
CEO Drummond Group     /
v: 817.294.7339        /
f: 817.294.7950         /
www.drummondgroup.com  /

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