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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: RE: XML Syntax/Semantics

I would appreciate any information or links regarding the duplicated
or overlapping information in multiple layers of headers and wrappers.  
My understanding is that a typical ebXML message might contain

  HTTP/MIME multipart/related header
    ebXML header
      Biztalk, or MSMQ/MQseries etc. header
      Biztalk, or MSMQ/MQseries etc. header
         Rosetta, OAG, CBL2, etc. document
             Rosetta, OAG, CBL2, etc. required document header
                 The XML message content which would usu. include
                 all the parties' identities and reference codes            
    payload3   etc.

No doubt I've got this screwed up someplace.  I imagine for the coming
12-24 months MOM or MQ servers will be required no matter what ebXML 
comes up with, and accordingly ebXML header and MOM headers will both
be transported?

My real question is, how to eliminate all duplication and if that is
impossible, will there be a need for applications which navigate
up and down the layers of headers to ensure they are consistent?

Todd Boyle

Christopher Ferris said 4/3
> IMHO, our role should be to provide the content for the semantic 
> meaning of the elements we include in the header, etc. as well as 
> any information related to semantic equivalence with other existing 
> standards such as RosettaNet, EDI/INT, etc. 

> > 2. namespaces
> >
> > MILR: Namespace can help avoid element name clashes, but IMO it doesn't
> > addresss the equivalence of semantic entities across namespaces.
> > Each option should be explored for possible appication within the ebXML
> > header specification.
> > I firmly believe the issues you raise, relative to the actual business
> > transactions, needs to be addressed by the parties responsible for
> > specifying these standards (e.g. OTA, et al).
> >
> > MILR:  I believe ebXML must adopt some XML syntax rules that adequately
> > address the issue of semantics...

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