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Subject: RE: [Fwd: Re[2]: Concern with basic ebXML TRP Syntax/Semantics]

Are you sure about that?  If you specify "ANY", the types of any child
elements of ebXMLBody have to be declared.  If not, the parser will find the
document invalid.  

>From the XML 1.0 spec: 

An element is valid if there is a declaration matching elementdecl where the
Name matches the element type, and one of the following holds: 
     4. The declaration matches ANY, and the types of any child elements
have been declared. 

If my understanding is correct, this means that your envelope's DTD will
have to define all elements that could ever appear within your ebXMLBody, a
bit of a tall order.

Of course, this matters only if you care about validity.

Best regards,
Alan Blount

-----Original Message-----
From: Kit (Christopher) Lueder [mailto:kit@mitre.org]
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 12:28 PM
To: ebXML-Transport@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re[2]: Concern with basic ebXML TRP Syntax/Semantics]

Yes! That provides a pure XML solution and solves the two concerns of
(1) avoiding errors or overhead of scanning the content and (2) needing
a separate DTD for the header and the content (per Alan Blount).

> > Could you show us exactly how this is done?  I was under the (perhaps
> > mistaken) impression that one cannot create valid (verifiable by DTD)
> > documents that refrence more than one DTD.  My understanding is that the
> > namespaces reccommendation does not allow for "modular DTDs."
> > Alan Blount

"Miller, Robert (GEIS)" wrote:
> Could we get to a single XML document with reasonably small risk of XML
> parser failures beyond the ebXML header if we defined something like:
> <!ELEMENT ebXML (ebXMLHeader,ebXMLbody*)>
> <!ELEMENT ebXMLHeader ( ... )>
> or for the 'body' parser,
> <!ELEMENT ebXML (ebXMLHeader,ebXMLbody*)>
> <!ELEMENT ebXMLHeader ANY>
> <!ELEMENT ebXMLBody ( ... )>
> Cheers,
>         Bob

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Worse than an unanswered question is an unquestioned answer.

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