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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: ebXML TR&P weekly conference call minutes

ebXML TR&P weekly conference call minutes
May-04-2000 11:00 am EDT

Note: I wasn't *really* taking notes, much of this 
is from memory. Please forgive any mangled names. If
you were present and not listed, or if I spelled your
name incorrectly, please send me an email and I'll revise
and extend.




Scott Hinkelman
Dick Brooks
Ian Jones
Chris Ferris
John Ibbotson
Nick Kassem
Dave Foster
Henry Lowe
Jerry Brown

packaging document - v0.3 - Dick to post for review by this w/e
	add example using SMTP from Nick
	comments from Henry incorporated
	Prasad raised some issues - Dick, Nick & Prasad held conf call
		what is signature block?
		rosettanet sigblock includes envelope
		ebXML MIME headers mixed in with transport headers
	Nick proposed putting this Prasad's issues on top of 
		agenda for f2f in Brussels.
	use of type parameter on multipart/related
		type should contain the media type of root body part
		some discussion regarding use of subtype attribute
		to identify ebxml and keeping type consistent with
	ContentType: multipart/related; type="application/xml"; 	
		subtype="ebxml"; version="0.1"

There was mention of the recently revised/published Requirements
document preserving the contentious requirement that only W3C
specifications will be used. This conflicts with our intent to
use MIME for the packaging and seems in direct conflict with
the comments from Jon B and Klaus which ostensibly put the
issue to rest.

Some discussion of Nick's recently posted Prototype doc (v0.3)
centered around the image in section 8. Consensus was that
this image captured our approach nicely and could possibly
help to clear up any confusion. (nice job Nick!)

Possible agenda items for Brussels f2f:
	header document should take center stage
	transport layer cake 
	possible get together with business process folk
		AI: Chris to arrange w/Karsten Riemer
	common security/services as selling point
		slurp in someone from marketing, give them the pitch
		see Scott's recent email.
	packaging spec finalize/vote
		AI: all - discuss/resolve Prasad's issues

We agreed to meet following the plenary session on Monday 5/6/00
to work out the week's agenda items since it was agreed that
there might be issues arising from the plenary session Monday 

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