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Subject: Re: Of Bank Tellers...

Message text written by INTERNET:dick@8760.com
A significant number of your comments relate to the design of ebXML
There is a meeting this July in Boston to discuss "headers" I think you
consider attending.


Dick Brooks

Dick - OK - you answered most all my questions now.  I think I'm too
fixated on the MIME/SMTP model.

Clearly you are all thinking beyond that - and that really was my question 

Its easy to take that impression away from the current draft - and I would
recommend that this is offset later, by introducing more example uses,
and clarifications.   Maybe some sample diagrams of interaction modes 
and network architectures would help here significantly.

Boston in July?  I just got back from there last night!  I'll see if my
schedule permits.   Certainly the "headers" are the key here as you
correctly noted.

I prefer to have implicit examples, rather than letting the use be 
inferred!   We got into deep trouble in EDI with that as people 
built what they thought the spec's said - or what it did not exclude -
so we want to make things as thorough as possible to avoid
lack of clarity of intent - and hence failure to interoperate.

Thanks, DW.

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