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Subject: Re: Of Bank Tellers...

David wrote:

> Dick - OK - you answered most all my questions now.  I think I'm too
> fixated on the MIME/SMTP model.

I expect there will be more ebXML/HTTP implementations than any other
combination (FTP, SMTP).  The testing we've done internally at 8760 indicates
that ebXML works well in RPC mode as well as Async messaging mode. Servlets +
ebXML make a good combination for request/response model, add HTTP access
controls+SSL and apply encryption/digital signatures to the payload and you've
got the foundation for a secure, reliable E-Commerce (B2B) platform.

> Its easy to take that impression away from the current draft - and I would
> recommend that this is offset later, by introducing more example uses,
> and clarifications.   Maybe some sample diagrams of interaction modes
> and network architectures would help here significantly.

The TR&P group has identified a few use cases to drive the design process. One
of the cases models a stock price inquiry that is a request/response (RPC)
processing/programming model. The RPC model is what I believe you would like to
see explicitly stated as a supported deployment model within the ebXML specs.

John Ibottson and Ian Jones are planning to expand the number of use cases that,
I'm assuming, will depict other processing models and/or enhance the existing
models. Perhaps we should include the use cases in the TR&P requirement spec to
address David's concerns.

Dick Brooks

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