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Subject: Re: DTD, XSD and sample XML header docs

Scott: I agree on the top ebXMLHeader tag and MessageManifest outside the
I might suggest <Manifest> and <Header> but I'm not picky on this.

Kind of agree on both. Also, I think that we should (at least try to) decide
on naming convention. One issue might be as you have it above
MessageManifest vs. Manifest. Or, do we imply context of parent elements or
not. Should we have:




Top tage would eventually facilitate a top control point for versioning
(once we figure out the
approach on this!), etc. I think we should end up with all sanctioned
ebXML tags being namespaced.

This ("ebXML tags being namespaced") might be related to another issue as
well => How do we specify Header Levels (tags) that are needed for some
levels, but not for others.


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