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Subject: re: GCI Press Releases


I would agree with Rachel that the official statement on the degree of
"developing repositories and transactions" must come from the appropriate
contacts at GCI, however, there is a significant amount of synergy between
the organizations and both organizations have already benefited from
working together as you have seen in the ebXML Transport and Routing group.
Furthermore we will have an opportunity to continue the relationship next
week in San Jose, as there will be some GCI Technical Committee


Melanie Kudela
EC Technical Manager
UCC, Inc.
Princeton Pike Corporate Center
1009 Lenox Dr., Suite 202
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, USA

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                    respond to           Subject:     RE: GCI Press Releases               


When an offical endorsement is made I'll work with Carol Geyer and
appropriate contacts from GCI to make an official ebXML press announcement.

Thanks. This is indeed exciting news and goes a long way towards affirming
all of the hard work taking place at ebXML.


                    David RR                                                                
                    Webber                To:     "INTERNET:MKudela@uc-council.org"         
                    <Gnosis_@compu        <MKudela@uc-council.org>, Laura Walker            
                    serve.com>            <laura.walker@oasis-open.org>, ebxml t            
                    08/03/00 12:08        cc:                                               
                    PM                    Subject:     re: GCI Press Releases               

Message text written by INTERNET:MKudela@uc-council.org
I am forwarding a copy of the Press Release as per our conference call

Melanie Kudela<


Melanie -

So my understanding from this is that GCI is formally
endorsing ebXML - even as they talk about their
Global Commerce Initiative - the underpinning is ebXML - and
they will be developing repositories and transactions in
their industry vertical to these technical spec's.

This being so this is great news and I expect we'll see a
press release from Laura shortly...

Thanks, DW.

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