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Subject: GUIDE 0.11 housekeeping

Just an FYI that I took time today to get some house keeping done.

I generated DTD's that I did not have
time to do at the beginning of the week for each of the GUIDE
layer components, and fixed a few minor 'gotchas' in the
examples, and the annoying MSWord formatting problem
in the HTML version (so that's what  /paragraph/'hanging=none' does!).

The most prominent gotcha was I forgot the variable definition in 
the element referencing; that's now been fixed.

The document text is all the same as before, the changes were
all xml syntax based tidying and cross-checking.

The cleaned up PDF, HTML and samples.zip are available from


I know over 300 people downloaded these already, so you 
probably only need the new files if you are seriously reviewing 
the XML syntax in depth

I intend to post the next revision once I get back from San Jose
with the changes and updates that are produced this coming

Thanks, DW.

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