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Subject: Re: CNET.com - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft,IBM setasiderivalry to cr

Message text written by Christopher Ferris
It would be great if we could get Microsoft back on board to work WITH us
in our effort to forge a *single* solution and framework which can be
to the domain of e-business messaging. We would much rather that there be
but one, as that would only help to gain increased interoperability and
help us achieve our objective of establishing a *single* global

Now if only we can get rid of those %^#*7 array datatypes in SOAP (put
for hideous reasons to do with VB COM objects and the lack of 
understanding that you can emulate an array in XML without having to call
it an array)....

Gosh, its the year 2000 already, and we are still doing 1970's style



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