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Subject: RE: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

Message text written by David Burdett
It's because I *think* the proposal would *require* every organization to
register themselves within an ISO/X12/EDIFACT registry before they could
TRP messaging.


Dave,  No, no!  Exactly NOT.  How did we arrive at this conclusion?  
Where is William when I need him anyway??

William pointed out that ISO has way of indicating a DUNS #, and other
business registries.  Someone else said that ISO was not inclusive enough,
and I pointed out that   context=""  can point at ANY table of values, so
have total flexibility here to drive everything off the repository.

Consider this sequence.

I'm Wal-Mart - I decide I want an ebXML transport header of a certain

I register my TPA and link it to that header.  Want to send something to
Make sure its that type of header format.  Within that header format
require that you have a UCC # for your company just because I'm Wal-Mart. 
your application queries the semantic definition of  "context" from the
header schema - Wal-Mart have associated it with the lookup directed at the

repository entry for UCC # entries.  Go get yourself a UCC #!  Similarly
Wal-Mart sends you something, just to be perverse, you could insist that
they have
an AAA membership or such like, but you may find yourself unwanted at that


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