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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Logical Identification based on EDIFACT or X12qualifiers

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
>The only one which was not
readily discernible was that for David RR Webber's XML Global;<


Did I mention we're in stealth mode?

Anyway - I've applied for a mark of the beast last week so soon
we'll have one too!  Of course all the European folks are not so 
enamoured, although I gather that DUNS is making in-roads there too.

I blame that Hitler chap = it all started when everyone had to have a
National Insurance ID for the war effort....

The line from The Prisoner - "I'm not a number...." applies.

Of course you could always have a Klingon name with a UNICODE
character that the IRS cannot type into their computer system 
if you are really paranoid!


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