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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: TRP Messaging Service Specification

To ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org

My comment on TRP Messaging Service Specification.

Appendix B shows ebXML Message enveloped message example only.
This spec is for the envelope and header.

Line 801 thru line 803 and line 1064 thru line 1067 should be replaced with

             <PartyId context="DUNS">12345</PartyId>
              <PartyId context="DUNS">67890</PartyId>
              <TPAId context="tpadb">12345678</TPAId>
              <ConversationId context="tpadb">987654321</ConversationId>

  Shumpei NAKAGAKI(NEC Corporation ) 
 (Phone:+81 3 3798-0829)
 (Fax:  +81 3 3798-0841)

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