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Subject: TR&P Messaging Service Spec Comments


	below is a list of errors/issues and comments I have created to
start us off today based on the 10-August draft that Ralph posted Thursday
night.  I have pasted in plain text so anyone can read the table but can
supply it in word table format if required.


Issue	Line	Comment
1	102	Sentence starting "The main goal...." Is a repeat of the
		sentences - Remove
2	106	Reverse order of 1st 2 sentences
3	109	This may be incorrect when document is reformatted, if one 
4	122	Entire section will need revision if document reformatted as

		above - Discuss
5	140	Section referred to has been removed - remove lines 140&141
6	194	Reverse line 194 & 195 t o match order in following text
7	198	Replace X with correct reference - Appendix D 
8	281	Replace X with correct reference - Appendix B
9	287	Change "Payload Container will not be present" to "Payload 
		Container SHALL not be present" - is it possible to have an 
		empty manifest and a payload container, is it an error to 
		have a manifest ref. and no payload etc.?
10	312	Entire section only discusses digital signature not
		- direct copy of section 2.4.4 at line 259
11	333	Replace X with correct reference - Appendix B
12	341	Question, should the definition of "-" be the full ASCII
		etc as I assume MIME restricts the boundary to be 7 bit
		- I have not checked the spec. I know this is very picky but
		must be exact to ensure interoperability.
13	348	Last word "points" change to "octets" 
14	383	The section 4 referred to has been removed - remove entire 
		sentence starting "This is described in more...." 
15	391	More than routing information is held in the header -
		changing description to something like  "Header -
		for processing the entire payload such as routing, ...."
		- Discuss
16	469	Is TPAInfo mandatory  - not defined - Discuss
17	488	In the example where did "context" come from it is not 
		described anywhere ??
18	502	Why is RefToMessageId mandatory ? - no obvious rational, is 
		"Not Applicable" the correct setting?  Is "None" closer?
19	512	Similar to above, why is ReliableMessagingInfo mandatory?
		- no obvious rational, is "Unspecified" the correct word?

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