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Subject: TRP Work Plan - Version 17 Aug 00

Based on comments from the TRP meeting this morning and several email 
messages, here is a new cut of the plan.

Significant changes:

- added Service API to the plan. I believe the first version must be folded 
into the overall Messaging Services Spec within the month, and some amount 
of the Service API should be approved in Tokyo.

- I have indicated where we should release the Messaging Spec, the Service 
API drafts and the Messaging Spec to the POC.

Other notes:

- as before, I've made some assumptions about the Security work, so I need 
confirmation of these dates...

- I arbitrarily assigned major version numbers to the Messaging Services 
Spec (based on approval at plenary meetings) and showed how the subordinate 
specs are being folded into it.

- I reduced the chart scope to just the Vancouver meeting so it prints 
better. We don't know what we're doing between Vancouver and Vienna just 

- 5 days is shown for Quality Team review, with two-week Member reviews 
immediately following. We may need some time inserted to react to Quality 
Team comments...

And apologies to Rik/Chris, as they haven't yet approved/commented on the 
work plan. I trust they will concur in our planning work during their absence!



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