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Subject: Re: discussion priorities

For simplicity in the RM discussions, we tabled discussions of multi-hop 

However, we did define a Routing Header, which defines the Messaging 
Service Handlers used in a particular link pair in the traversal. If we 
mandate the use of Routing Headers (even for trivial one-link-pair 
traversals), then this could hold the information...


At 05:28 PM 8/22/00 -0400, Henry Lowe wrote:
>I didn't see anything in the Messaging saying how routing is
>handled.  One of the things we've talked about since the
>beginning is multi-hop routing, e.g., customer at A orders
>widget W from vendor at V bu the message goes via a portal P
>which means it travers two links (one of which might be HTTP
>and the other MQSeries or CORBA).
>I included this in my comments, but didn't propvide text.
>You would probably use source routing for this sort of thing
>where the route(s) would be contained in the TPA.  But some
>how these have to get into the Header of the Message so A
>knows to send the message to P and P knows to send it on to V.
>Also need to have a place in the headers to record it's
>actual wild and wooly route through the Internet for traceability.
>Or is this all there and I just missed it?
>Best regards,

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