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Subject: RE: Technical Architecture TR&P section - REISSUE

Marty, see responses inline.

> Section 3.1, Messaging Service Description
> Line 5:  Please say that the abstract interface is between the message
> service and the application, with some mention of BP here.  In
> the abstract
> specifications sense, that interface is really between the messaging
> service spec and the BP spec.
> Line 33: Figure on page 3:  Should add a box at the top showing either
> application or BP or both

Section 3.1 of the technical architecture focuses on the messaging service
"piece of the puzzle" only. To see the "big picture" (including how BP fits
with the MS) one must put section 3.1 into context with the other "pieces".
Please take a look at the other sections of the TA document and see if that
clears up the two concerns above. Let me know if it doesn't and I'll notify
the TA folks. Thanks.

> Line 70: Please add a new bullet after the first bullet:  Routing of
> messages to the destination based on TPAId, ConversationId, and Action.

We tried to be somewhat abstract given that this is the architecture
document. Are TPAId, ConversationId and Action considered implementation
specifications of the Messaging Service or do you see these as architectural
in nature?

> Line  90:  At-most-once delivery should be a sub-bullet under Reliable
> Delivery.  It is one of at least two possibilities.

I'll pass this suggestion to the TA group.

> Line 93:  Please put in a few words on the meaning of "fire and forget".
> IP could be viewed as a "fire and forget" since it is unacknowledged and
> totally unreliable.  I believe that your intent is a mode which is so
> reliable that it has no need for ACKs.

Actually fire'n'forget is meant to indicate a very reliable transport lies
beneath (e.g. MQSeries).
I'll ask the TA folks to add some words to clear this up. Thanks.

> Line 124 (figure on page 2):  Please add message routing and application
> support services to this figure.

Could you explain what is meant by "message routing" and "application
support services"? Does message routing refer to the function performed by
intermediaries or does this refer to the function performed by an E-Comemrce
server when sending or receiving a message?


Dick Brooks
Group 8760
110 12th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Fax: 205-250-8057

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