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Subject: Case insensitive and case sensitive comparisons,preliminary writ ing block


I started to write up what is true about case-insensitive comparisons
in MIME and in ebXML as part of the Section "1.4 General Conventions"
and realized that what I was saying was not really a general convention
but just a rehash of some information about how XML and MIME are processed,
and some important things to keep in mind when writing an implementation
that will be interoperable. So, my question is:

should the bits about case insensitivity, quotes around values (or not), and
so on really go in section 1.4 (which I as a reader would expect to list
the conventions used in the text to specify things formally, special ways
to indicate verbatim text , etc.)?

I think this information provides valuable reminders to implementation
on what to watch out for when building interoperable implementations. Should
this information be here or in a services specification or both?


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