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Subject: Please Read: i want to add clarity to our process in releasing the msspec so everyone..

.. will understand how tight our time frames are getting.

we must do the following before tokyo.

- complete and approve for release trp ms spec to
  quality review for a one week review 			- sept 7- sept 15
- complete edits and formatting ian, martha and ralph - sept 8 - sept 18
(martha is on vacation next week)
- release for second ebxml-wide review/comments 	- sept 18 - oct 1
- edit document for comments 					- oct 2 - oct 7 (or longer)
- post for final document to wider ebxml group for
  vote in november face to face in tokyo 			- oct 16

this shows that if we can not approve the spec today we are 'possibly' going
to miss our tokyo deadlines!

best regards, rik

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