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Subject: Draft RegRep and TRP transport harmonization

Attached is the first draft of interface spec's for RegRep
using WebDav DASL -

WARNING - this has NOT been reviewed 
in detail by RegRep yet.

You will need to review the DASL spec's at

http://www.webdav.org  to understand the full fucntionality

here - as I have assumed this knowledge.

Also - I have NOT focused at all in harmonization with
TRP - that's why I have the draft!

First I just focused on solving the RegRep issues - and
that is a pile of work still - especially on the Add side;
Query is relatively clear.

So - I'm looking for positive input here to augment 
the RegRep functional with better and more rich 
transport details.

Please supply XML based examples whereever

Thanks, DW.


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