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Subject: RE: [Fwd: RE: on the issue of PartyId]

Message text written by Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
>It is true that when a company or
individual has its phone number changed, a lot of people have to be
notified and a few more changes, in profiles in registries, do not make
much of a difference in the notification effort.  Still, the consequences
of a wrong phone number, used as a party ID  in e-business, may have much
greater impact than when the phone number is used only for human to human

Businesses should not be prevented from using their phone numbers as party
IDs, but the practice should not be encouraged.


Marty - this is NOT a big deal in my opinion.  Heck - people move house
all the time and world does not stop.

Frankly all you should have to do is create a NEW tp profile and store
it to the registry, or simply deprecate your existing one.

If the system cannot handle this - we are in bad trouble.  Since the old
#id will continue to work until a specified expiry date (see discussion on
deprecation notification methods in RegRep) - this system should be
self annealing at this level.  (Its also the method the USPS uses BTW)

Conclusion - changing telephone # should be part of the expected
behaviour and not an issue.


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