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Subject: I think we should use the gci proposal for the poc effort in tokyo....why?

Five reasons:
	- They followed the spirit of our processes to accomplish their goals
	- They have been a better partner, as an organization, from visibility
        and public support than any other so far
	- their effort is CLEARLY not USA centric, is moving forward at a
        rapid pace
	- their proposal is the core set of messages, volume, used in their
        business sector
	- we should be able to demonstrate a solution to a clearly real world
        problem, get good press, make gci and ebxml look good.

i am concerned that the decision on what proposal to use has not been made
yet... i know coordinating with such a big group of vendors is very hard and
time consuming, and i don't fault the poc team for my concern. i think that
the stc should give pos some support in making this decision. this may in
many ways be the key decision and win in the tokyo meeting for all of ebxml
teams and will have great impact on ebxml's acceptance.

i vote, today, now, this second, as a stc member to prototype the gci
proposal in tokyo.

do i hear any contra arguments to my points?

Best regards, rik

ps: quite frankly i could write some great articles on this and why it is so
pivotal to world wide ec...

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