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Subject: security requirements & use cases


thanks so much for being the editor.

I've attempted to add in scenarios to the existing set of requirements we
are proposing to
add to the delivery matrix for each phase.  The new "use cases for
security" are in bold
blue font (hope everyone can see that).  I've also edited a few of the
requirements so
I need everyone to please review and comment.

thanks to everyone who participated in the security face to face.

(See attached file: UseCases&Reqts.doc)

just a few other things we've decided to pursue for security in Tokyo.....
we need to standardize on terms.....please send me your suggestions for
of security terminology and we will put this together for the group to vote

we will also need submissions for "security technology" that can meet the
requirements.....we haven't quite figured out how this will be collected
and reflected
since part of the task will be the submitter needs to fully articulate how
to use the technology in PA- terms
and then how to test interoperability of the stated configuration. more on
this later.

so start thinking about your favorite security technology.......

Mac Word 3.0

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