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Subject: trp f2f comments and information Sept. 2000

I guess the best way to tell everyone how the meeting went is to say "that
it was a normal trp f2f :-) meeting with all activities, friendly, non
agitated with polite discussions all for purpose of producing a quality

In all seriousness the group did a great job!

We now have in the spec "all phase one components and functionality as
defined by our trp phase matrix"
this includes additions resulting from this meeting in the following areas:
	- basic error codes
	- basic reliable messaging
	- basic security - encryption of the body part only at this time.

We had twenty attendees

here is where we stand the MS 0.21 spec finally went out for review to the
ebxml-wide list yesterday. Two weeks of feed back, one week of editing for
any comments, two days if i can talk QR into it for review and then
re-release it for pre-tokyo-plenery-vote-review. these are very tight time

additionally, because the poc is so important to the overall win of the
ebxml effort as a whole, we are producing document specific to poc only,
which is MS 0.21 spec (the one out for review) with specific additions:
error codes, RM and basic security. This will go to poc on monday or

additionally, i attempted to capture the RM thought and discussion process
in a real short powerpoint which is attached.

best regards, rik

trp drawing.ppt

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