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Subject: Comments/correction on MS 0.21c

Comments on V0.21c of spec. Hope this is the right way to do it

1. Section 8.2. 5th para, manifest, replace "to he" with "to the"

2. Section 8.3. Replace "???" with actual reference.

3. Section 8.4.4. Text and schema (A.2) refer to an attribute but
 example uses an element.

4. Appendix A.2. Schema needs a targetNamespace attribute of

5. Appendix B.1. Example uses a default namespace which
implies the schema should specify qualifed elements (which it doesn't).
My preference would be to leave the schema alone, not use a default
namespace in the example, prefix the ebXMLHeader element with say
"hdr:" and add a namespace definition for "hdr" on the ebXMLHeader

6. Should ebXML be providing a URL for its schemas to which instance
doucments can be pointed via a schemaLocation attribute?

7. I have some concerns over the use of a version attribute for providing
"future versioning capabilities". The XML schema specs talk only of parsers
namespaces and schemaLocation attributes as a means of locating the
appropriate schema -  no mention of version attributes nor the semantics
attached to them. Whilst an application may choose to use this attribute
providing higher level semantic control, the parser needs the schema to
know if the version attribute is valid, and therefore can't rely on it to
what schema to use. (Feel free to flame me on this one - I'd like to know
I'm way off track on this one)

Otherwise, looks good.


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