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Subject: RE: Comments/correction on MS 0.21c

Message text written by INTERNET:Mike_Leditschke@nemmco.com.au
>7. I have some concerns over the use of a version attribute for providing
"future versioning capabilities". The XML schema specs talk only of parsers
namespaces and schemaLocation attributes as a means of locating the
appropriate schema -  no mention of version attributes nor the semantics
attached to them. Whilst an application may choose to use this attribute
providing higher level semantic control, the parser needs the schema to
know if the version attribute is valid, and therefore can't rely on it to
what schema to use. (Feel free to flame me on this one - I'd like to know
I'm way off track on this one)


I just posted a related note over on W3C Schema IG too.   Basically 
W3C Schema is designed to be used by Java and C++ programmers
in a 'little-world' environment.

Whatever you read in W3C Schema relates to that - its like Assembler
language for XML documents.

Now - the ebXML model is global interoperable electronic business.
The W3C Schema model is just not set up to do that - but the
syntax can be repurposed - and made much easier to use - what
we need is a modern architecture and focused syntax model -
that is what ebXML is.

Critically missing in W3C is the use of both business process 
and business metamodel underpinning, combined with the support
of the ebXML Registry/Repository.

So - the answer to the questions you are asking lie in the Registry
access interfaces.  Of course these use the parser in small ways
to do this - but the transport and interactions are far more 
business centric than the W3C provides - and give direct ways to
do referencing via GUID markers, URI lookups and so on.  

The Registry itself also does all the version support you need,
including, 'draft, candidate, proposed and adopted' - concepts that are
totally missing from W3C and its little-world model.

If you read the requirements for W3C Schema (written over
2 years ago) you will instantly see that they never set out
to solve the same eBusiness needs domain.

For an extended discussion of these issues see


Thanks, DW.

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