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Subject: Technical Architecture TR&P section


We've done some editing of the TR&P section in our TA doc. Change Log is not
ready (will be posted soon) and we don't have a pdf version of it yet. If
this is a problem let us (or me) know. I think you'll find that changes are
more editorial and that we haven't changed the substance of the section;
content is pretty much the same as we had it in SJ. However, there are 2
things that are worth mentioning:

a) We've included the MS 0.21 - ebXML Message Structure diagram.

b) Also, we've reworded statements that had "shall"s and such. At the same
time we've tried to retain the facts that these statements conveyed.

We hope that you'll have time to review this version and give us your
feedback. You'll find it as an attachment in:


P.S. If you can't post to TA listserv, you can send your comments to me.

Nikola (TA ->TR&P liaison)

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