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Subject: RM Blocking -- Modification to Reliable Messaging Spec v0.080

As discussed in this morning TRP teleconference, it was decided to remove 
the requirement in the Reliable Messaging Spec (V0.080, 2 Oct 2000) that a 
Sender's Messaging Service Handler will not initiate a new reliable 
messaging transmission until the current reliable message transmission 
(between this Sending MSH and a particular Receiving MSH) is completed.

Thus, we will remove this requirement in the next version of the RM spec 
(located at lines 123-125 in v0.080), for Phase 1 use.

The relationship between Reliable Messaging (for one message) and 
Ordering/Sequencing of Reliable Messages (for multiple messages) will be 
dealt with in Phase 2/Phase 3 discussions. Central to this discussion is 
the level of functionality found in the MSH as opposed to a higher level 
business process, and the method (if any) that the higher level process 
uses to tell (or hear from) a MSH about ordering/sequencing of reliable 

The practical effect for POC implementations is that implementations 
(business processes and/or MSHs) are free to decide whether or not they 
will support the blocking described in lines 123-125.

If there are other comments on RM v0.080, especially from POC implementors, 
please post them to the TRP email list!


Jim Hughes

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