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Subject: Re: new DTD and XSD for v2.1c

Hi Chris,
	I see RoutingHeader in the DTD.. I haven't seen the description
for this in any of the messaging service specs nor do I find any
discussion on this in the mailing list.. Was this decided in the f2f or
some call?? If so could you update us on that?? Also the DTD doesn't match
the description in the specification. I have modified it with comments. I
have left the original version as a comment above the modified version
with "- Rajiv" on the line after the original one.. Please review it and
make the changes in the spec. Also in the description of TPAInfo
ServiceInterface is used while the DTD has BusinessServiceInterface. Which
is appropriate?? I am assuming that the DTD is authoritative (as I am
using that and get parse errors if I use ServiceInterface). Please let me
know otherwise... Also in the xml example I have modified the DOCTYPE
declaration to use PUBLIC id. The ID I have used may not be appropriate
but I think it is a good idea to use PUBLIC ids. Take a look at it. If
everyone is ok with it then it should be documented somewhere in the

- Rajiv


On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Christopher Ferris wrote:

> All,
> Here are revised DTD, XSD and sample XML for v2.1c. I would 
> welcome a double check by anyone with a few cycles and a reasonable
> validating parser.
> Cheers,
> Chris
> -- 
>     _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/    _/ Christopher Ferris - Enterprise Architect
>    _/       _/    _/ _/_/  _/  Phone: 781-442-3063 or x23063
>   _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/ _/ _/   Email: chris.ferris@East.Sun.COM
>        _/ _/    _/ _/  _/_/    Sun Microsystems,  Mailstop: UBUR03-313
> _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/  _/    _/     1 Network Drive Burlington, MA 01803-0903

<!-- <!ELEMENT ebXMLHeader (Manifest , Header , RoutingHeader )*>

- Rajiv * at the end of the ELEMENT declaration indicates 0 or more
however the spec requires that there be exactly one Manifest and one
header. Hence the change below. Am not aware of the RoutingHeader field so
that may need to change. -->

<!-- This is the root element of the header and MUST have a Manifest, Header 
and a RoutingHeader.

<!ELEMENT ebXMLHeader (Manifest , Header , RoutingHeader )>

<!-- Every ebXMLHeader element must have 2 attributes - Version which MUST
have a value of '1.0' and MessageType which can be one of 'Normal, Error or
Acknowledgement' -->

<!-- - Rajiv Why is the MessageType #FIXED?? It means that MessageType can
only take the value of Normal. I don't think that is the intent. 
<!ATTLIST ebXMLHeader Version CDATA #FIXED '1.0'
                      MessageType (Normal | Error | Acknowledgment )  
		      #FIXED 'Normal' 
		      xmlns CDATA #FIXED 

<!--  <!ELEMENT Manifest (DocumentReference )+>

- Rajiv A manifest can have 0 or more DocumentReference as per the spec.
Hence it should have a * and not a + which indicates 1 or more. -->

<!-- Every Manifest must have 0 or more DocumentReference -->
  <!ELEMENT Manifest (DocumentReference )*>

<!--    <!ELEMENT DocumentReference (DocumentLabel , DocumentId , 
                  DocumentDescription )+>

- Rajiv Every DocumentReference MUST have a DocumentLabel, DocumentId and
optionally a DocumentDescription (indicated by the ?). -->

<!-- Every DocumentReference must havea DocumentLabel, a DocumentId and
optionally a DocumentDescription -->
    <!ELEMENT DocumentReference (DocumentLabel , DocumentId , 

      <!ELEMENT DocumentLabel (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST DocumentLabel e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'string'>
      <!ELEMENT DocumentId (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST DocumentId e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'uri'>
      <!ELEMENT DocumentDescription (#PCDATA )>

<!-- - Rajiv Why does it have to have a lang field?? -->
      <!ATTLIST DocumentDescription xml:lang CDATA  'en-us'>

  <!ELEMENT Header (From , To , TPAInfo , MessageData , ReliableMessagingInfo )>

    <!ELEMENT From (PartyId )>

    <!ELEMENT To (PartyId )>

      <!ELEMENT PartyId (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST PartyId context CDATA    'Undefined'
                   e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'uri'>

    <!ELEMENT TPAInfo (TPAId , ConversationId , BusinessServiceInterface , 
              Action )>
      <!ATTLIST TPAId e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'uri'>
      <!ELEMENT ConversationId (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST ConversationId e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'uri'>
      <!ELEMENT BusinessServiceInterface (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST BusinessServiceInterface e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'string'>
      <!ELEMENT Action (#PCDATA )>
      <!ATTLIST Action e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'string'>

    <!ELEMENT MessageData (MessageId , Timestamp , RefToMessageId )>
      <!ELEMENT MessageId (#PCDATA )>
        <!ATTLIST MessageId e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'string'>
      <!ELEMENT Timestamp (#PCDATA )>
        <!ATTLIST Timestamp e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'dateTime'>
      <!ELEMENT RefToMessageId (#PCDATA )>
        <!ATTLIST RefToMessageId e-dtype NMTOKEN  #FIXED 'string'>

    <!ELEMENT ReliableMessagingInfo EMPTY>

    <!-- - Rajiv Why is the Attribute #FIXED?? -->
      <!ATTLIST ReliableMessagingInfo  DeliverySemantics 
                (OnceAndOnlyOnce | BestEffort )  #FIXED 'BestEffort'>

    <!ELEMENT RoutingHeader  (RouteInfo )+>
      <!ELEMENT RouteInfo  (SenderURI , ReceiverURI , ErrorURI , Timestamp , SequenceNumber )>
      <!ELEMENT SenderURI  (#PCDATA )>
      <!ELEMENT ReceiverURI  (#PCDATA )>
      <!ELEMENT SequenceNumber  (#PCDATA )>
      <!ELEMENT ErrorURI  (#PCDATA )>

<?xml version ="1.0"?>

<ebXMLHeader xmlns="http://ebxml.org/namespaces/messageHeader" Version = "1.0" MessageType = "Normal">
			<DocumentDescription xml:lang = "en-us">This is a purchase order</DocumentDescription>
			<PartyId context = "DUNS">1234567890123</PartyId>
			<PartyId context = "DUNS">2345678901234</PartyId>
		<ReliableMessagingInfo DeliverySemantics = "BestEffort"/>

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