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Subject: RE: Messaging Sequencing (was: TPA and ebXML Header question)

> On your second point, for the example, a separate MIME part 
> for each of "in stock, tracking id, and credit approved" 
> messages would items in the manifest for each will do the trick 
> without the MS having to add XML to bundle the three together.
> Of course there are other ways.  If you have a generic service 
> interface, you'd want parameters for each manifest item.  This 
> of course, assumes the three departments that handle these 
> three requests are all sharing the same node -- the distributed 
> case gets a bit trickier ;-)
Actually, the example I had in  mind had three separate businesses
handling inventory, shipping and credit checks so that three
separate messages would go out. That is how the BP process "forks"
(into concurrent message streams) that can then respond back to
the same waiting node (where the processes re-join )

As far as how less smimple they can get, I guess we need to
get the BP folks to roll out their wares.!!

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