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Subject: RE: [Fwd: TA Spec out for Comments to Teams only*]

is this the second comment period for the ta? if so they still have two
weeks after the edits from this comment period before a vote can take
place..... that means not tokyo.... rik

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Ferris [mailto:chris.ferris@east.sun.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2000 7:52 AM
To: ebxml transport
Subject: [Fwd: TA Spec out for Comments to Teams only*]


In case you haven't already heard, the TA doc is
available for review/comments. Please see below and
take the time to review and provide comments to
the TA team. You can forward them through me
if you're not on the TA list.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: TA Spec out for Comments to Teams only*
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 00:26:23 -0700
From: duane <duane@xmlglobal.com>
Organization: XML Global Technologies
To: "ebXML Steering Committee (E-mail)" <ebxml-stc@lists.ebxml.org>

Hello all:

The Technical Architecture Team has ussed a compromise release of the
Technical Architecture Specification to the ebXML Team Leaders and their
teams.  Whether or not this will be officially construed as the first
two week comment period remains to be decided.

In the time between now and Tokyo,  please make sure that the new TA doc
gets read by at least one person from each team and comments submitted
back to the TA Team by Saturday, November 4th.  IN general,  we hope
that you will copy this release notice to your full team.

Please keep this specification out of public hands for now until we have
the support of the Quality Review Team OR a ruling from the ebXML
Executive Committee.

The spec is available in PDF and DOC formats at:


Duane Nickull

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