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Subject: 7-dec-2000 con-call minutes

7-dec-2000 TR&P con-call minutes


Ralph Berwanger
Chris Ferris
Doug Bunting
David Burdett
Rik Drummond
Nikola Stojanovic
Andrew Eisenberg
Robert Adams
Ian Jones
Philippe DeSmedt
Prasad Yendluri


Ian led discussion and voting on open issues identified
for discussion and voting.

Issue 1: test indicator
brief discussion followed by vote. proposal 2 was approved [1]
Chris to provide specific language to be added to the spec
which will incorporate feedback from Doug.

Issue 2: Content-Length
brief discussion followed by vote. Decision made in previous
call was approved (again;-) The decision is final. Content-Length
headers will be removed from all of the MIME body parts
of the ebXML MIME envelope. It will be retained in the HTTP
binding. Wording will be amended to reflect the optionality
of the Content-Length header when HTTP 1.1 chunking is employed
as suggested by Prasad [2]

Issue 3: rename sections
brief discussion followed by vote. proposed section heading
changes [3] were approved (no dissention).

Issue 4: charset
brief discussion and review of Doug's proposed changes
followed by a vote. suggested changes approved without dissent.
Comments embedded should be added to comment database
for tracking and possible consideration at a future time (f2f?).

Discussion regarding who intends to attend f2f in London.
It will be held regardless of attendance. There's too much
left to be done before the Jan 14 cut-off.

Ian to send out details regarding London f2f in January.

Ralph discussed security findings from face2face this
week in Cambridge/Burlington. He'll send out an email
with the details. We should begin discussion via email
and plan on discussion in next few calls so that we
aren't starting from square one when we meet in London
and can come to conclusion/consensus in time to provide
meaningful spec to POC for Vancouver.

Discussion of extension mechanism proposals by Chris
and Robert Adams. General consensus that extension
capabilities are a key requirement which MUST be
included in v1.0. General consensus that direction proposed
by Robert and Chris is headed in the right direction.

Chris to publish to list a revised proposal which takes
both into account and which incorporates CPP/CPA considerations.

David to host next call, details to follow.

Henry Lowe to host 21-dec call. details have already
been distributed to list.
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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