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Subject: Re: proposal: collapse To and From elements

William J. Kammerer wrote:

> What if some day you wanted to add internal routing specifications to
> either the <From> or <To> specifications,  la RosettaNet's (V2)
> optional <locationID> within <PartnerIdentification>?
>  <To>
>       <Party context="uri">urn:duns:123456789</Party>
>        <InternalRouting>Columbus office</InternalRouting>
>  </To>
> I suppose <InternalRouting> could be made another attribute of the newly
> "collapsed" <To> and <From> elements, but...
I think that having an element where arbitrary data can be stored that 
is possibly
only signifigant to the party its parents identify with would be 
extremely useful.
I think explicitly defining <InternalRouting> as a child of <To|From> is 
not the most
flexible approach, so I suggest:

   <Party context="uri">urn:duns:123456789</Party>

<ParentExtendedInfo> could be re-used for other structures as well, and 
Internal Routing information
could be placed inside this element in any format that is appropriate.


Matt MacKenzie

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