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Subject: Re: TRP spec 0.9


Thanks for the comments/feedback. Some responses below.



"Saha, Saikat" wrote:
> Hello,
> TRP 0.9 looks fantastic with the introduction of ApplicationHeader,
> StatusData, Security related references.
> Few questions:-
> 1. Line 592 says RoutingHeaderList element may be omitted from the header if
>       - the message is being sent over a single hop
>       - the message is not being sent reliably
> Which means if messages are transmitted over single hop, we can eliminate
> routing header. From and To element
> of header takes uri alongwith partyid whereas SenderURI and ReceiverURI
> takes a little different shape. Moreover
> RoutingHeader also contains information like ErrorURI, Timestamp which are
> not available in Header. If we omit RoutingHeader
> for single hop, how will they be matched?

I'll let David respond on this issue.

> 2. Will the business transaction model be same for Synchronous, Asynchronous
> and One-way type of transmissions?
> Chapter 13 says Synchronous, Asynchronous responses but it's empty now.

Prasad has just sent us a draft of the synchronous messaging section.
It will be included in the version David publishes sometime next week.

> 3. Line 689 should PartyBMsh be PartyCMsh ?  probably a typo.
> 4. Are we going to have a different spec for message level security?

The security section isn't complete yet, please stay tuned.

> 5. Can we be little more elaborate on the content of AppllicationHeader
> which I presume can act as interface
> between MSH layer and Application layer?

Good point, I'll add some more explanation. Basically, it is
intended as pass-through to the application... not for MSH consumption
or processing.

> Any help in understanding these will be highly appreciated.
> Happy Holidays.
> Best Regards,
> Saikat
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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