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Subject: TRP spec 0.9


TRP 0.9 looks fantastic with the introduction of ApplicationHeader,
StatusData, Security related references.

Few questions:-
1. Line 592 says RoutingHeaderList element may be omitted from the header if

      - the message is being sent over a single hop
      - the message is not being sent reliably
Which means if messages are transmitted over single hop, we can eliminate
routing header. From and To element
of header takes uri alongwith partyid whereas SenderURI and ReceiverURI
takes a little different shape. Moreover
RoutingHeader also contains information like ErrorURI, Timestamp which are
not available in Header. If we omit RoutingHeader
for single hop, how will they be matched?

2. Will the business transaction model be same for Synchronous, Asynchronous
and One-way type of transmissions?
Chapter 13 says Synchronous, Asynchronous responses but it's empty now.

3. Line 689 should PartyBMsh be PartyCMsh ?  probably a typo.

4. Are we going to have a different spec for message level security? 

5. Can we be little more elaborate on the content of AppllicationHeader
which I presume can act as interface
between MSH layer and Application layer?

Any help in understanding these will be highly appreciated.

Happy Holidays.
Best Regards,

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