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Subject: FYI: Namespace doc. from OASIS

To: IETF-Announce: ;
From: Internet-Drafts@ietf.org
Reply-to: Internet-Drafts@ietf.org
Subject: I-D ACTION:draft-best-xmlorg-00.txt
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 07:26:35 -0500
Sender: nsyracus@cnri.reston.va.us

A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.

	Title		: A URN Namespace for XML.org xmlorg
	Author(s)	: K. Best, N. Walsh
	Filename	: draft-best-xmlorg-00.txt
	Pages		: 6
	Date		: 03-Jan-01
This document describes a URN namespace that is engineered by the
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(OASIS) for naming persistent resources stored in the XML.org
repository (such as XML Document Type Definitions, XML Schemas,
Namespaces, Stylesheets, and other documents).

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

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