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Subject: Few more comments on TRP 0.91 spec.


Thanks for the previous clarifications. Sorry, I mentioned .9a in
yesterday's mail.
I have few more comments on TRP spec .91 spec. 

1. Section 8.5 does not mention about id attribute, schema does.
2. Section 8.5.1 does not mention attribute "reliableMessagingMethod" and
3. Line 838 ApplicationHeader contains attribute "mustUnderstand", missing
in schema line 2222, schema shows
attribute id which is missing in section 8.6
4. Line 852 StatusData element is defined for a response to a request on the
status of a particular message, previously
sent. What is the format of original message which requests for a status
with a messageid? Where is this defined?
I noticed section 9.1.1 describing Message Status Request Message thru
Header element. Where is the messageId
of the original message mentioned in the request? I guess, spec. needs to
specify, what are the other options for Action element defined in 
section 8.4.5 including "Request" and "Response".
5. Line 952 ErrorList does not contain codeContext attribute which is
defined to be required in line 2269.
6. Line 2236, Can From element have minOccurs "0", we cannot have an ebXML
message without From element in Header.
7. Line 1140 says "...persistent storage is a method of storing data that
does not loose information after a system failure or interruption"
In a recent mail thread, we are talking about storing only messageId.

I may still have some doubts regarding Reliable Messaging.

Best Regards,


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