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Subject: RE: Few more comments on TRP 0.91 spec.


Please see comments below.



-----Original Message-----
From: Saha, Saikat 
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 1:17 PM
To: ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: Few more comments on TRP 0.91 spec.


Thanks for the previous clarifications. Sorry, I mentioned .9a in
yesterday's mail.
I have few more comments on TRP spec .91 spec. 

1. Section 8.5 does not mention about id attribute, schema does.
<DB>The spec needs to be fixed.</DB>

2. Section 8.5.1 does not mention attribute "reliableMessagingMethod" and
<DB>The spec needs to be fixed.</DB>

3. Line 838 ApplicationHeader contains attribute "mustUnderstand", missing
in schema line 2222, schema shows attribute id which is missing in section
<DB>The spec needs to be fixed.</DB>

4. Line 852 StatusData element is defined for a response to a request on the
status of a particular message, previously sent. What is the format of
original message which requests for a status with a messageid? Where is this
<DB>This is partly described in section 9.1.1. </DB>

I noticed section 9.1.1 describing Message Status Request Message thru
Header element. Where is the messageId of the original message mentioned in
the request? 
<DB>This needs to be expanded to say that the message that is being inquired
upon is in the RefToMessageId.</DB>

I guess, spec. needs to specify, what are the other options for Action
element defined in 
section 8.4.5 including "Request" and "Response".
<DB>Perhaps instead we can put a forward reference to sections 9, 10.4 and

5. Line 952 ErrorList does not contain codeContext attribute which is
defined to be required in line 2269.
<DB>codeContext should be optional. It does not need to be there since the
code is one of the standard ebXML codes.</DB>

6. Line 2236, Can From element have minOccurs "0", we cannot have an ebXML
message without From element in Header.
<DB>This from is inside an Acknowledgement. If it is not present, then the
From in header element is used instead.</DB>

7. Line 1140 says "...persistent storage is a method of storing data that
does not loose information after a system failure or interruption"
In a recent mail thread, we are talking about storing only messageId.
<DB>See recent emails on this.</DB>
I may still have some doubts regarding Reliable Messaging.

Best Regards,


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