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Subject: Manifest Element - Where located?

Hi All,

I seem to recall that the Manifest element was to be placed in the
SOAP-ENV:Body.  IMO, it belongs in the SOAP-ENV:Header area.

From "SOAP Messages with Attachments"
http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/general/soapattachspec.asp Introduction, last
two sentences of paragraph 2:

"More rigorous semantics for message packages requires a new entity type.
Such a type can be built by extending the approach described here with a new
SOAP header entry which, for instance, may be used to provide a manifest of
the complete contents of the message package."

Seems clear to me - put the Manifest in the SOAP-ENV:Header!

Of course, within the ebXML payload, there may also be imbedded pointers to
message attachments.  The first example in "SOAP Messages with Attachments"
gives one such example for an auto claim form application.  Such
'application' references are of course unrelated to the ebXML Manifest

FYI, I'm not convinced that any part of the pre=SOAP ebXML header should
migrate to the SOAP-ENV:Body.  IMO, all of the ebXML Header stuff should
resdie in the SOAP-ENV:Header.


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