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Subject: action: Discussion to stop today at 5:00pm pst on all trp documentissues

As you are aware we now have 2.5 weeks to complete the document. we have to
added and adjust sections, put it through internal readers and let the
editing team have it for one week. That means we are out of time for
discussions on subjects for this round, the version 1.0 document.

To this end, i am asking david, to work with ralph and crew to put together
the outstanding issue list which we will use as our order of voting on the
thrusday conference call. Any outstanding issues, which have not resolved by
thursday call will be voted on in the following manner:

	- the editing team and rik will start the call 1/2 hour early to prioritize
the issue list. (the team editor and the co-team lead have been left out of
this exercise because they are both significant content contributors to the
document, while the editing team and rik have only administered the document
process and content.)

	- each side of the debate will be given 5 minutes to state their case. Ian
will time.
	- after this a motion will be requested to vote on the issue.
	- david fischer will read a motion stating clearly the issue and its
options - five minutes to form the statement
	- we will have 5 minutes of discussion on the motion - one minute for each
person wishing to speak
	- we will vote. super majority wins for version 1.o document
	- if their is no super majority. Rik will fip a coin to decided the
resolution of the issue
	- if no more issues, go to exit
   goto next-issue

chris please set up a call for thrusday starting at 9:30 am cst to 11:30am
cst. The first 1/2 hour will be for the editing team to prioritize the
outstanding issue list.

thanks for putting up with this. our win is not to have the perfect 1.0
document, because there are none, but to have a well written and well though
out 1.0 document ready for submission on march 19, 2001 to the qr team.

best regards, rik

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