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Subject: RE: cpp's description of a partyid... this will work for us in tr p...i believe

I think this definition for PartyId is fine except that the examples are
wrong. Specifically, as the content of PartyId is a URN it is already a URI,
so you don't need to specify a  type.

I would suggest the following four examples:

  <PartyId type="myPartyType">abcd1038s0ds</PartyId>

... and add the following explanation ...

The third example illustrates an example where the one of the partis has
defined its own numbering scheme.
The fourth example, illustrates a PartyId where the From and To Party have
mutually agreed the meaning of the value in type.
We have also been through this last September 21-24th. Try following the
**thread** starting at this URL ...
... and ending at this email from Scott Hinkleman ...

In his email Scott said ...

>>>I am sensing from the conversation that we have established agreement at
this level, which is my main concern. Is this true?<<<

Nobody replied to say no. Is this agreement?


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From: Rik Drummond [mailto:rvd2@worldnet.att.net]
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 6:49 AM
To: ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: cpp's description of a partyid... this will work for us in
trp... i believe

If the type attribute is present, then it provides a scope or namespace for
the content of the PartyId element.

If the type attribute is not present, the content of the PartyId element
MUST be a URI that conforms to [RFC2396]. It is RECOMMENDED that the value
of the type attribute be an URN that defines a namespace for the value of
the PartyId element. Typically, the URN would be registered as a well-known
directory of organization identifiers.

The following example illustrates two URI references.

  <PartyId type = "uriReference">urn:duns.com:duns:1234567890123</PartyId>
  <PartyId type = "uriReference">urn:www.example.com</PartyId>

The first example is the URN for the Party's DUNS number, assuming that Dun
and Bradstreet has registered an URN for DUNS numbers with the Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority. The last field is the DUNS number of the

The second example shows an arbitrary URN.  This might be a URN that the
Party has registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to
identify itself directly.

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