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Subject: MINOR TECHNICAL comments on TRP v0.98


Here are my MINOR TECNICAL comments on v0.98. Again, I wish to express my
sincere thanks to the hard work and dedication of the editing
team. They did an outstanding job!

I have organized my comments by type (Editorial, Minor and Major
Technical) in separate emails for convenience. I have also listed 
the section and line number for ease of identifying the change location 
in the context of subsequent revisions.

I have also numbered each comment for ease of reference in any discussion.





1 - throughout the document, the SOAP namespace is incorrectly
	identified as:
	It should be:

section 6.2

2 - line 148 - suggest that we revise this figure to add a SOAP Processor layer
	(the "Delivery Module") This could simply be handled with a box with
	a different color around the "delivery Module" box.

section 7.6

3 - line 269 - a SOAP compliant processor that receives an ill formed MIME envelope may
	never have an opportunity to pass the message to the ebXML Message Service
	Handler. According to the SMwA specification:

	"A SOAP processor compliant with this specification that receives a 
	SOAP 1.1 message carried in the root body part of a Multipart/Related 
	MIME message must process the SOAP message according to the rules for 
	processing SOAP 1.1 messages as defined by SOAP 1.1. In particular, a 
	SOAP processor that receives an invalid message must generate a Client 
	fault code as described in SOAP 1.1, section 4.4.1."

	Given this, it seems to me that this section should either explicitly
	reference the above text, or be omitted. I would prefer that we cite
	the REQUIRED behaviour in the SMwA specification and that we not REQUIRE
	that an ErrorList/Error be produced but rather that we suggest that
	it SHOULD be produced if possible. My sense is that this REQUIREMENT
	may impose an impossible task on the part of a SOAP Processor.

section 8.5.1

4 - line 416 - strike last sentence as it is incorrect

section 8.5.10

5 - line 620 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute

section 8.6.4

6 - line 709 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute
7 - line 721 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute
8 - line 735 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute
9 - line 747 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute
10 - line 755 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute
11 - line 767 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute

section 8.8.6

12 - line 940 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute

section 8.11.7

13 - line 1080 - example missing SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand='1' attribute

section 8.12.5+

14 - line 1128+ - missing example of StatusData element

<eb:StatusData SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1" 
	eb:version="1.0" eb:messageStatus="Received">

section 8.13.6+

15 - line 1180+ - missing example of Acknowledgment element

<eb:Acknowledgment SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1" 
	eb:version="1.0" eb:type="Acknowledgment" eb:signed="false">

16 - line 1207 - change 'A Signature element' to 'One or more Signature elements'

17 - line 1207+ - need a statement about Via element. Suggested text:

	One Via element MAY be present in any message.

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