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Subject: RE: v.98b - SOAP 'Via" Element

-----Original Message-----
From:	Miller, Robert (GXS) [SMTP:Robert.Miller@gxs.ge.com]
Sent:	Thursday, March 15, 2001 1:47 PM
To:	ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org
Subject:	RE: v.98b - SOAP 'Via" Element

I've read the SOAP 1.1 and SOAP Messages with Attachments three times now,
and still cannot find documentation for the SOAP "Via" element. The URL's 
my documents are:

SOAP Messages with Attachments:

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1
  W3C Note 08 May 2000

Of course, you won't find a "Via" element in either of the above 
But do please add referneces to these document in 4.5 Related Documents.


The "SOAP Messages with Attachments" is also available from the W3C at:

(nb: there is no trailing "/" on the above link - it will not work with a 
trailing "/")

The content appears to be the same except for the "Status of this Document" 
section (I have not tried to check it in detail - the format is very 

Perhaps if a reference is to be added, it should be to the "official" W3C 
note link rather than the "unofficial" MSDN link.

Joe Baran

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