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Subject: Re: Schema error in "Error" element line 2190, ebXML TRP v0.98b

Yan Guo wrote:

I have some problem to process the "Error" element in the ebXML TRP Schema.
There might be extra "type="xsd:string"" in line 2190.

1. The type="xsd:string" is not extra (actually needed). The '/' that follows that is extra. That is, line 2190 should read as follows:
<xsd:element name="Error" type=”xsd:string”>  (NOT <xsd:element name="Error" type=”xsd:string”/>

2. I also noticed the quotation marks around xsd:string specification are different (type=”xsd:string” vs type="xsd:string"). That could be causing a problem also. Replace the quotes around xsd:string there with proper quotation marks if needed. I noticed these funny quote characters to be present only in that location.

Editing Team:  Please fix the syntax error on line 2190 & the funny quote problem.

Thanks, Prasad

Yan Guo
webMethods, Inc.


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