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Subject: RE: Proposed Agenda for next ebXML meeting

At our closing TRP session in Vienna, we drew up the following list of
agenda items for the next group meeting:

- elect chair and officers for new group
- review of previous ebXML requirements matrix (prepublish before the
- confirm liaisons to W3C XMLP and other organizations...
- report from ebXML Management Committee & relationships with other previous
ebXML work groups
- reports on current activities in W3C, RosettaNet, OAG, OTA, HL7, etc.
- review potential Messaging Service extracts for consideration in other
  - reliable messaging
  - routing services and actions
  - security
- review any comments on ebXML Messaging Service Specification Version 1
- set meeting schedules for the next 12-18 months
- propose deliverables schedule for new group
- create sub-teams and assign tasks

The proposed meeting schedule (17-18 July 2001, Dallas, Texas at Sterling
Commerce) is:
  - Tuesday 9-5 with no-host dinner in the evening
  - Wednesday 9-3 (allows taking a 5 pm flight)

The interim committee chair (Brian Gibb, Sterling Commerce) will distribute
hotel and other information for this meeting. As there is some desire to
co-locate the follow-on ebXML work group meetings, please wait for a final
confirmation from OASIS (or Brian) of our proposed meeting date/location
before committing to tickets. Also, you may let him know of other agenda

By separate email, the proposed charter for an OASIS Technical Committee
which which we prepared in Vienna is being sent to OASIS. Please watch for
confirmation of this charter and our ongoing work.


Jim Hughes                jim_hughes@hp.com
HP Software Standards, Cupertino, CA
Office (408) 447-8881   Cell (408) 757-2248

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