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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Proposals to address SOAPAction header]

Chris is quite correct about the wording of option B. Since I had a hand in
its preparation, let me interpret it a bit more.

Deprecation means that some time in the future it MAY go away. In the
meantime it is a recommendation that clients should not use it (but they
can if they want to). On the server, it says that that the SOAP processor
must not reject a message for whatever reason associated with the
SOAPAction field - but of course if it uses the field then it is free to
continue doing so. This gets round the problem of some SOAP processors
issuing a fault if the SOAPAction field is not present. So regarding
existing use of SOAPAction by SOAP 1.1 processors it is business as usual
with the exception that they must not issue a fault if the SOAPAction is
not there.


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