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ebxml message

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Subject: ebXML Procedures

Please find attached the procedures for the ebXML Initiative as developed 
and approved by the Executive team.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok
ebXML Chair


Title: [could not find document title]

ebXML Procedures

26 January 2000

Executive Committee

Table of Contents


Experts can join any project team(s), with the condition they register their participation via the ebXML's web site.

Participation can be either be via the list server only (virtual) or by attending ebXML meetings and participation via the list server.

Project Teams

In accordance with the Terms of Reference, each project team has a team leader and editor. They will jointly determine the consensus [1]of the group in regard to their deliverable (technical specification).


When a project team agrees that its deliverable is in a stage to become a draft ebXML deliverable, it will be distributed to all ebXML participants for comments. Comments will be taken back to the project team to consideration in order to produce the final recommendation. This recommendation shall be reviewed one more time by all ebXML participants and receive final approval from the ebXML plenary.

If at any time in the development cycle either in the project team, or during a ebXML participant review cycle, or during a ebXML plenary discussion, consensus can not be reached; or if a ebXML project team member disputes that consensus was reached by his/her team, the Executive Committee shall review the issue(s) and put a recommendation in front of the Steering Committee for a binding decision. Such a decision shall be reached by taking a vote of all the Steering Committee members and to be approved shall require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast (not counting abstentions).

[1]Consensus: majority agreement, characterized by the absence of significant and sustained opposition.

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