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Subject: Forum on E-Commerce

Dear ebXMLers,

On behalf of Carol Cosgrove-Sacks of the United Nations Economic Commission
for Europe, OASIS is forwarding information about the "Forum for Electronic
Commerce for Transition Economies in the Digital Age" to all members of the
ebXML Initiative.  Please read the below and attached for further details.


Dear Sir/Madame:

On behalf of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe we are
delighted to invite you to the upcoming Forum on Electronic Commerce for
Economies in the Digital Age to be held in the Palais des Nations in Geneva
on 19 to 20 June 2000, organized in collaboration with the European
Messaging Association.

As you will see from the attached programme, the Forum will bring together
Ministers, senior government officials, high-ranking business executives
and senior representatives from international organizations. It provides a
platform where recent experience with electronic commerce can be shared and
prospects for transition economies can be explored. The Forum aims at
discussing and capturing the dynamics of the complex mix of opportunities
challenges linked to electronic commerce. It will offer an excellent meeting
place for
all those involved in this promising new way of doing and creating business,
inform about the latest developments, show day-to-day applications,
major achievements and outline what remains to be done.

We believe that this Forum is timely and will be of highest interest to
you. There are vast opportunities to be explored and we hope that this Forum
will open perspectives to all participants. As the number of participants is
limited we would need the confirmation of your attendance as soon as
Please send your reply within the next weeks to the addresses mentioned

We look forward to meeting you in June and hope to hear from you soon.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. DaeWon Choi
Forum Coordinator
UN/ECE Trade Division, Office 427
Tel 41-22-917 2474
Fax 41-22-917 0178
E-mail:  daewon.choi@unece.org

(See attached file: Programme-edited.DOC)
(See attached file: FORUM JUNE 00 REGISTRATION.WPD)
(See attached file: CTIED FORUM JUNE 00 REGISTRATION.doc)




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