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Subject: ebXML Registry and Repository Part 1: Business Domain Specification Released for First Comment Period

The ebXML Registry and Repository Part 1: Business Domain Specification has
now been released for the First Comment Period.  This document establishes
the overall scope for an ebXML compliant Registry and Repository.  It can be
found in PDF form at:

http://www.ebxml.org/working/project_teams/registry/part1.pdf .
It is 318KB in size.

Commenting Instructions (extracted from the document itself):
This working draft incorporates the decisions of the ebXML Registry and
Repository project team as of May 11, 2000.  The first comment period opens
May 15, 2000 and ends May 29, 2000.  Comments with associated starting line
number and ending line number, and proposed changes (required) should be
emailed to joe.dalman@tiecommerceusa.com in DocBook, MS Word or plain text
format.  We will not accept this document edited with revisions on.

Please expect another reposting of this announcement next week or earlier,
when the ebXML listserv is updated with all our virtual members.  The
reposting may or may not extend the comment period so please read that
message carefully.

We really need your input into this document, as the deployment of a network
of ebXML registries and repositories is viewed as critical to the future of
e-Business integration using XML.

Best regards and thanks in advance for your feedback,

Scott Nieman, ebXML Registry and Repository Project Team Lead
Norstan Consulting
Voice: USA: 952.352.5889

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