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Subject: RE: ebXML will end up being too expensive for small business

Message text written by Bill Chessman
Getting back to my own "refining question", seems like the latter would be
answer particularly since the frameworks and components could be
into all sizes and types of software all the way down to the shrinkwrapped
packages to run the S-est of SMEs.

Maybe I'm on the right track, maybe I'm not.  Thanks, anyway, for letting
try out my thoughts in a relatively public place.  8-)

Bill Chessman
Harbinger Corporation


when we got started into this there was seen to be two approaches - the
up approach, and the top down approach.

I've definately been working the bottom up approach as the low-cost and 
lightweight entry point and also the foundation in XML.

Once we have the wheels, engine and the chassis done, then people can use
it to
build all kinds of vehicles!

That's my mantra.  There are loads of other people working the top down

I'm comfortable with this as we are both learning from each other and
so that the pieces mesh in the middle.

This could also be a type A, type B thing.   The type B's want more order
and structure
to the universe, the type A's thrive on organized chaos.   Fortunately it
seems to 
me this is just a microcosm of the business world and life in general.  I'm
we're moving on the right tracks for now.  We have to be able to serve both
worlds is
the bottom line.

Thanks, DW.

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